Friday, June 17, 2016


Have you ever found a nail polish you apply and it is just perfect. Does not chip and lasts around a week? No? Me neither! 

For about about 15 years now I have searched planet earth for the nail polish that does not chip on my nails. It doesn't exist. We have sent people to the moon, but we cannot figure out how to make nail polish stay!! I struggle with every nail polish I own, they never stay long enough. A couple hours later, boom, there is a chip! I don't know what it is, but it is nearly impossible for me to keep a manicure looking good for more than a day. This nail polish is the closest I've come to something somewhat descent. It lasts on my nails about 3 days. After that it chips and it's the end of everything that is beautiful, but at least is something? Right? 

The color is called "I'm kind of a big deal" and it's a very pretty pink. It is not barbie pink but more of a dusty rose. The formula is pretty nice. Very pigmented, you can almost get away with one layer. It is pretty opaque and it does not streak. Dries pretty fast and stays shiny for a couple of days. Like I said before, on me, it chips around day 3. 

This is how it looks the day of application. Don't mind my stubby nails. Breastfeeding made my nails incredibly brittle.
I got this one on February's Ipsy bag, and I really like it. I also have a purple and they have become my favorite nail polishes. It retails for $15.00 which is pretty expensive for a nail polish, but because it is the best I've found I would say it is worth it. You can buy it here.

What's your favorite nail polish? I hope you find this useful, if you, like me, struggle with nail polish chipping right away!

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