Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Today I am super excited to be reviewing some products from a brand that is new to me and I think to a lot of people out there, Smith and Cult.

This brand was unknown to me until my parents (They really know me well and have excellent taste in makeup) gave me a lip gloss kit (I will be reviewing them next week) and two nail polishes from this brand. They know I am a makeup junkie and they are always gifting me fun cool things for me to try. Smith and Cult was made by the creators of Hard Candy and it has their funky vibe to them. Everything about their products is unique!

As you know, I have struggled for years to find a nail polish that lasts. I don't know why this happens to me, but every nail polish I try chips immediately. When I say fast, I mean hours after I've applied a polish I look down and there it is, a chip! The only manicure that lasts is salon gel nails, and even those last for about 7 days until I see a chip. I must be very rough with my hands in comparison with other people because this happens every single time I do my nails.....until NOW!

Smith and Cult base "Basis of Everything"
I got "Basis of Everything", which is a base coat, and "Exit the Void" which is a periwinkle blue. Can we take a second to talk about the names? I love when companies come up with cool names for their nail polishes, and I feel like they are quite clever not only on their naming, but the charming little story behind the name. If you go to their website (by the way, it is very funky and hip) on the description for the nail polish they provide you with a story for the shade. "Exit the Void" had this story: "Ended up leaving the party tonight after 5 min b/c saw about 7 guys that could have easily been my next mistake." How cool is that?

Smith and Cult Color in the shade "Exit the Void"
Now let's talk about the packaging. I absolutely LOVE the packaging. Each bottle is unique. The caps look like they have been bent or crushed. Each one different. The caps are golden and the bottles are heavy. I love it. Even if the product was absolute garbage I would still purchase it just because of it's packaging. You can remove the cap to expose a normal cap underneath so it is easier to apply the polish. How clever!

The formula is really good. This nail polish lasted a whopping 5 days on me, and it chipped because I put a second coat of top coat on them because they were getting a bit dull and I wanted to make them shiny again. I am sure if I hadn't added any more coats it would have lasted at least a week. I have to say, this product IMPRESSED ME. I have looked everywhere for a nail polish/lacquer that would last for ages and Smith and Cult answered my prayers.

The only con I could say is that this product is expensive. It is not your typical drugstore nail polish. You can purchase it on Smith and Cult Website for ($18) and I saw them on Amazon as well. But to be quite honest, it is worth EVERY PENNY. Clearly I didn't purchase this product, it was my parents, but I will definitely be buying more of these miracles in a bottle.

***DISCLAIMER*** The opinions shown on this post are mine. I am not paid by Smith and Cult to review this product. The product was purchased by my parents and given to my as a birthday gift.

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