Friday, June 10, 2016


On Tuesday I went to the Bath and Body Works store near my house because they were running their Semi-Annual Sale which is always my chance to go crazy and buy some amazing candles and scents for my house. Here is what I got:

I am so excited to show you what I got this time. 

Lets start with the Three Wick Candles:
This is one of my favorite candles this year. I bought 5 before Easter and was super happy when I saw it in the sale bin for 50% off! It says it smells like cotton candy and marshmallow, but to be honest it smells just like marshmallow. It is like having a bonfire at home and roasting marshmallows. I LOVE THIS SMELL. In the winter there is a similar candle and last year it was called Marshmallow Fireside. It smells exactly like that candle. Bath and Body Works marshmallow candles are by far the best ones if you like sweet smells like I do. 

This is my favorite candle of all time from Bath and Body Works and probably any other brand of candles. One thing to know, they change the names of the candles constantly but the scent is usually pretty similar. I got this candle, which smells pretty much like Italy Espresso Cafe candle from their "World Cities" collection. I love to burn this candle and the Happy Easter candles together...hello Coffee and Marshmallow...who doesn't like that combo? Best thing, even my husband loves this candle. He says it smells like a coffee stout beer to him. Any candle that smells like stout to my husband is welcomed in my home, lol! 
This candle is a new one for me. When I went into the store, it was the first one that grabbed my attention, and I have to say, I love it. First thing that comes to my mind when I smell it is vacation. More specifically, our honeymoon. We went to Key West, where we consumed insane amounts of piƱa coladas and coconut flavored drinks. This candle smells like that.  It smells like coconuts and even though it doesn't say it has hints of it, I can smell pineapples. Its is fruity and oh so sweet. You know those smells that you can almost taste them, this candle does that. I feel like I could take a bite of it and it would taste like coconuts (PLEASE DON'T EAT CANDLES). 

I also purchased a couple of wall flowers, some where on clearance and bought them for $3.00 and others full price. 
These fragrances are so, so good. One I always repurchase is Cinnamon Stick. It smells like a cinnamon stick for sure. It is the definition of a fall scent for me and I always have this smell the second I see a yellow leaf, so this one will be used in the fall. The other three fragrances, I've never purchased. Coconut Sandalwood is to die for, and to tell you the truth it smells like a sexy, Hawaiian man. It is the best description I can give you. Sandalwood scents I always have on my bathrooms, I don't know why but I just love to get in the shower and smell it. Like I said, sexy man smell goes with shower and bathrooms in my opinion (maybe because my husband's body wash smells like sandalwood I associate it with showers). Indigo Sky smells like fresh linen and clean sheets. It is such a great scent to have year long. I always keep this type of fragrances on my bedroom since I associate them with freshly, soft sheets! Lastly Sunny Coconut is a very fruity sweet smell. I can't smell the coconut that much but I can smell some type of citrus fruit. It also smells like the beach and vacation time... I think I will have this scent on my living room. Maybe it will transport me to a beach villa somewhere sunny when my son is having a meltdown, haha, the life of a stay at home mom. 

Now for the body products:
 I love, love, love Bath and Body Works shea body creams. I have them all over my house and they go fast. I have travel size ones that go in my diaper bag, in my car and in my purse. This smell is the same as one of the candles I bought and I love it. It is very similar to Tahiti Island Dream but with coconut in it. This will be my favorite smell for summer for sure! 

Finally this body wash. I have never bought a body wash from Bath and Body Works so this will be my first experience. I haven't tried it yet, but from the smell I am looking forward to it. It really smells super flowery, fresh and clean. I really hope it foams well, since I love lots of bubbles when I lather. 

Let me know which are your favorite Bath and Body Works products!!! I love to try knew scents!

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