Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I had to share these cute outfits I got for my son at Carter's two weeks ago. 

The main reason I went shopping was because I was in desperate need of some pajamas for my son. How cute are these. They are footsie pajamas with silicone grips on the bottom so babies can have more grip when they walk. We call our son "monkey" so I had to buy monkey pajamas!

 How cute is this little octopus?

 As my son gets older, it is getting harder to find footsie pajamas that do not have buttons, since my husband struggles every single time with them, so we like the zipper ones. Because it was so hard to find more zipper pajamas I got him big boy pajamas. Meaning it was a shirt and pant set. He looks so incredibly cute on these!

 For the summer I though two rompers would be great to add to his collection. Again, monkey themed and I didn't realize until I was writing this blog that the blue romper is very similar to the dump truck set I got him for his 9 month old haul. Still love it so much!

 I love this outfit! The chameleon and cargo pants look so cute on my son. He looks like a big boy. It is such a funky style and I feel like black really suits him.
I also got him the blue stripped shorts and a set of shorts and polo. With the weather starting to get so hot, these would be great for going out but keeping him cool! 

Again, Carter's is always running all kinds of promotions and sales, so you will always find great deals there. 

*Disclaimer- I bought everything on this haul. It is not a sponsored post and I do not get paid by anybody to talk nicely or badly about a brand or store. These are my opinions about things I buy for me and my family.

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