Monday, March 14, 2016


So here we are! Week 7 of weaning. This week I replaced the middle of the day nursing for a bottle. This is the last nursing session during the day. I am now breastfeeding twice a day, in the morning when my son wakes up and at night before he goes to bed. 

I was a little bit surprised because I was expecting to feel more uncomfortable, since I am waiting 12 hours between nursing sessions, but to tell you the truth, it wasn't that bad. I felt a little bit of pressure but no pain whatsoever. I did nurse one of the days four times because my son had a low grade fever from teething and I decided to give him a boost of anti-bodies. I thought the next day I was going to pay the price but it was not bad at all. 

My son has continued to thrive, and doesn't seem to mind the bottle at all. It is quite nice to see him enjoy having daddy feed him. It is crazy how fast they learn. Now when I am making his bottle if he sees me go get the powder formula he starts getting excited because he knows he is going to eat soon. Update on him, he is now crawling completely and started grabbing the edge of our furniture and using it to stand up. He also does this while he is in his crib, which is kind of scary because I am worried he will fall, but I guess this is supposed to happen and it is a developmental milestone.

As for me, I didn't feel sad or felt weepy at all. I guess my hormones are slowly normalizing and not crashing like before, which has helped with my PPD. I hope that it continues to be this way. Next week I will follow the same schedule of nursing him in the morning at 7 am and in the afternoon at 7 pm. If you want to read about week 6 of weaning, click here to check it out! Until next week! Have a lovely week!!!

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