Monday, March 7, 2016


Hi everyone!

This week went smoothly with the nursing. My little one is still teething. His bottom right tooth emerged last Wednesday and yesterday his bottom left tooth emerged. Since they are still breaking through the gum, he is still quite miserable. This is making for sleepless nights...sigh! Hopefully they will fully emerge in the next week or so and we will be back to normal! He has been clingy but doesn't seem to want to nurse more often.

Anyways, this week's schedule was pretty much the same. He nursed three times a day. I started the next weaning for Week 7 today by substituting the middle of the day feeding. I was a little bit sad, again, when I did this, but it seems my boy is super fine with it. He is enjoying drinking from a bottle and now is starting to feed himself. He still needs some help, but he is pretty independent and learns pretty fast! He is also eating a lot more solids, and seems to be liking the trying new foods!!! You can see what solids I introduced first and a couple of homemade baby food recipes here. I will be posting a 6-8 month old baby food recipes later this week, so stay tuned.

I haven't felt engorged for a while. My body seems to understand the routine and it is adjusting pretty well. I do feel sad when I replace another nursing session but I know in the end we will be happier. I've nursed him longer than I planned (I only planned to nurse him for 6 months) and I love the amazing bond we created!! I struggled so much in the beginning with nursing! I was so sore, bleeding and my baby struggled to gain weight. My milk took a whole week to come in, and my son lost a lot of weight because of that. When he was born he weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces, the day we took him home from the hospital he weighed 7 pounds 6 oz and two days later he weighed only 7 pounds. It was definitely stressful, but I am so glad I powered through and did not give up! I am proud of myself for doing that! 

Anyways, let's see how this week goes! Until next time! 


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