Wednesday, March 30, 2016


This will be a short one but I needed to share how cute these outfits are!!! 

So my little baby boy, which is 8 months old is wearing 9 month old and 12 month old clothes! One day I was dressing him and every piece of clothing he had was too tight! So I had to go to do some baby clothes shopping. Ugh, YEAH RIGHT!! I love shopping for him. 

I have a Carter's really close by so me and my husband went together to pick up a couple of things! I have to say, one thing I love about this store is that they are always running specials, promotions and their sale rack is pretty nice! I wanted to get a couple of onesies, pajamas, and several outfits for him. I have to say, their pajama selection was not good. We couldn't find one single footsie pajama that we liked. They had lots of "pajamas" with no feet but since my son loves to sleep in a very cold room that will not work for him. 

Here are a couple of pictures of the outfits we got him! 

We got him this set of five onesies! These are 12 month old size because for some reason every time I buy Carter's onesies they seem to fit but the second I wash them they shrink. It happened to us last time that we bought him 9 month old onesies and washed them and he got to wear them like twice because he outgrew them. So, something to keep an eye on... It only happens with the onesies though, shirts and pants we've never had an issue.  I adore these colors, the bright ones compliment his hair and I don't know if you can tell but the blue one has little crabs on it! How cute is that!!!!!??? I also love hammer head sharks and the gray onesie has yellow hammer heads! #adorable

These two outfits are my favorite ones! The little overall is so cute. His nursery is space themed so I had to get it for him. It looks so cute on him and with the warmer weather it will be perfect to chill around. The little pant and shirt outfit was picked by my husband and I am dying over here with it! How preppy it is! I think this would look so cute to go out in Annapolis! lol! The salmon color looks so cute on him and the shorts are just too cute! By the way, I will say cute on this blog a million times, but hey, if it is I have to say it! 

These two outfits, the fire truck and the dump truck I got because I love to put pants on my son that have something on the butt. He crawls with his butt up and he just looks incredibly adorable with them on! They are super soft and comfortable. These also shrink when they are washed but not as much as the normal onesies.

My husband dresses so often on plaid long sleeve shirts and jeans that I wanted to dress my son to look like his papa! The jeans are super comfy. They fit a little bit long but I just roll the legs and it is fine.

Lastly, you have to dress your little man in camo! Come on! How cute it this?! The little overall is super soft! and the little shirt is just a normal plain cotton shirt! I also use the jeans from the previous outfit with the camo shirt! He looks like a little man when he is wearing it! 

Anyways, if you have a baby, I suggest you keep an eye on Carter's and OshKosh because they are always running some kind of sale and you can get a lot for your buck! I also got some socks for my son and the whole purchase wasn't even 80 bucks! Thank God I have a boy and not a girl because then we would have definitely gone broke! :)

Anyways, let me know in the comments what is your favorite baby clothes store! 


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