Monday, April 11, 2016


Hi there! This will probably be my last weaning blog before completely weaning my son! Like last week I am only nursing my son once a day, in the morning. Not much has changed this week. My body is used to this new schedule and so is my son! I have decided to extend this schedule for at least a couple of weeks, since I (mommy not baby) are not ready to stop breastfeeding. 

So, this is a short one! I have loved nursing my son, something I did not expect to happen. I only planned to nurse him for 6 months but here I am, my son is 8 months old and I am just not ready to give up that relationship just yet. 

There is something so special about breastfeeding for a mother and her son. For me, I just love seeing him drift off and fall asleep. Look at his long eyelashes while he nurses. He also puts his hand on my face while he nurses, which tugs at my heart! He is such an energetic boy and so independent, except when he nurses, when all he wants is mommy and cuddles. I just cannot let go of that at the moment. 

Until I can prepare myself to let go of that, I will keep nursing him in the mornings, cuddle for a couple of hours after that and make this bond even stronger. 

Hugs, Frances

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