Monday, April 4, 2016


Hello there! Long time no bloggie! I had my father in law visiting this weekend so I didn't post a blog on Friday! But here we are, Weaning Week 10!

This week was surprisingly good. I am now only nursing my son once a day, in the morning when he wakes up. He usually wakes up around 6-6:30 am and I let him nurse for as long as he wants! I am nursing him on both breasts since if I do not do this I will be engorged by the evening and it is quite painful! I have decided to keep nursing him in the morning for more time, probably until 9-10 months. I just really enjoy our morning routine and it is so special to me. After he nurses he falls asleep with me in bed and we cuddle until 9:00am when we wake up and go downstairs for breakfast.

I am comfortable with this routine.

One thing to mention, remember when I said that my son started not wanting to nurse at around 6 months and it was a battle. We now have learned that he is lip tied, which may have something to do with the lack of patience to nurse. I am sad to have learned this, because it was a battle that I thought was my fault. Now I know that it was probably hard for him to nurse. We are going to see a specialist soon to see if he needs to be revised. That is another reason why I want to keep nursing him, since I've read it helps with the pain management after the procedure.

My heart is breaking a little bit for my son after finding out that it might have been hard for him to nurse. I experienced pain (mild) after 1 month of nursing. The first month it was excruciating pain. Now I know, it was all due to a mild poor latch. So, if you are experiencing any kind of pain while nursing or your baby is thrashing while nursing, don't just check for a tongue tie, also check for a lip tie! AND try too see a pediatric dentist that specializes on tongue and lip ties (not all of them do). Pediatricians sometimes are not educated enough on this matter.

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