Monday, May 2, 2016


Product Review

For the last couple of weeks I have been playing with this palette that is very new to me. One of my best friends gave it to me as a birthday present. I was so moved by her gift, not for the material things, but because she has taken the time over all these years of friendship to know me, and be there in good times and in bad. I hope I am to her as good as a friend as she is to me! So, a quick shout out to you girly! Thanks for remembering my birthday and for coming to my house and spending time with me and my family...and for the added bonus of makeup! What?! Truly blessed! 

Now, back to the bhcosmetics palette review. I have never owned a bhcosmetic product, so I did not know what to expect with them. I've heard many, many friends of mine rave about them for a while now, so I was very excited to try them. I was pleasantly surprised. The quality of these products is amazing! They are quite pigmented, they blend pretty well and the palette is very versatile. You can go on many directions with it. You can keep it neutral, you can go with a very warm look, or you can go POW dramatic smokey eye. The cheek products were also quite nice. I appreciate they gave me one shimmery highlighter and two blushes.

The palette has twelve eye shadows and three cheek products. One thing to mention is they do not have names so I will do my best to describe them.

From the top left the first eye shadow we have is a cream color with a slight yellow undertone. This color is ideal for an all over the lid color for yellow to neutral undertone skins and for setting the eye shadow primer. It is very creamy and blendable. This for me is the exact same color of my skin so I can use this to just do a natural makeup to even my eyelid tone. Second from the left is a true gold. This color is very pigmented with a shimmery finish. Although it looks like it has glitter in it, I was happy it didn't. I loved this color so much! The third eye shadow from the left is a rose gold. The pigmentation is very similar to the true gold I just described. Very beautiful, you could apply this all over the lid, put some mascara and listo! Fourth color from the left is one of the stars of this palette. It is a warm rusty brown (yeah, I know, I am so detailed with my descriptions!) with a red undertone. This shade is to die for. Highly pigmented and super buttery and blendable! I always gravitate to colors like this. This would be the perfect crease color for a blue smokey eye or a black smokey eye and use this to bring some warmness to the look. Fifth color from the left is a copper color with a red undertone. This is the shimmery sister of the previous color. Very beautiful and super pigmented. One thing, it was not as sparkly as it appeared. Last color of the top row is Brown copper with a pink shimmer. I really like this one. Very pigmented as well and it is in my opinion a very unique color. This was my favorite of the shimmery colors.  From the second row left we have a cream color with a pink undertone. This color for me was a little disappointing. It applied very chalky and when I tried to blend other colors with it it made them chalky as well. Second color is a beautiful shimmery lilac color. It almost has a blue undertone in it. Very beautiful, almost glittery. It blended nicely and with a little bit of Mac Fix Plus it can almost look like a foiled eye shadow. Third color is a shimmery plum color. Although the color is very pretty I feel that when I applied this it lost it's purple color and it looked gray. I wish the staying power of this particular shade was better and that it applied true to what it looked like. Fourth color is a shimmery gray color with a purple undertone. This is one of those eye shadows that look beautiful on some people and on some others it looks like a bruise. For me, it looks like a bruise. I do not do well with gray colors for that particular reason. I always have to warm them up with some warm tone on the crease in order to make them work. Fifth color is a sparkly silver. I was a bit sad that all the shimmer and glitter that this color had was only on the surface of the eye shadow. Once I dipped my brush in it the glitter disappeared and I was left with a shimmery gray with a neutral undertone. This is not a bad color but I was disappointed that it wasn't sparkly. Last color of the eye shadows is in my opinion the ROCKSTAR of this palette. Oh my god, this color is a true matte black. It is insanely pigmented. I love this color. It is one of the blackest black I have in my makeup collection. I will be using this a lot!!!! The third row of this palette are all cheek products. The first color is a champagne shimmery color. I don't know if this is intended as blush but I think it is more of a highlighter. This is the perfect color if you are tanned and what to look like JLo. Girl, if you want to glow, this is your shade. I personally want to look like her all the time so I know I will be reaching for it this summer. Second cheek color is a dusty rose blush. Decently pigmented and a shade that will work with many skin tones. Last cheek color is a shimmery peach color. I loved this one and again is a color that will work with many skin tones. One word of VERY light handed with this puppy because it is pigmented! 

Anyways, sorry for the long review! This is in my eyes, a winner. I cannot wait to show you guys a couple of the fun makeup looks a came up with using these colors. Until then, stay gorgeous!  
Swatches from left to right I started with the top row, then second row, bottom three are the cheek colors.

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