Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a lovely day! 

I must share this product with you guys! I stumbled across this product, Pearl Bath Bombs, when Instagram suggested their page. I cannot tell you how much I love taking baths, so obviously I clicked on the link and then went to their website to check them out. 

What's their concept? You purchase a bath bomb and inside each of them there is a tiny pink pearl with a ring and a code. Each ring is valued at $10 and the code could reveal a $100, $1,000 or $5,000 ring. If you do get one of the wining codes, you get a ring sent to you IN YOUR SIZE!!! If you don't get one of these prices, you still get pearl points that you could use later to purchase more products. 

I think this product is genius! Who doesn't want to take a luxurious bath and get a ring and the possibility to win another more expensive ring?! Hashtag winning! I immediately purchased one. 

What do I think? 
I LOVE THEM!!! First of all, wow! Shipping was insanely quick! Like 2 days quick! I wasn't even expecting it when I got the package on my doorstep! Packaging is perfect, it comes in a really big box filled with packing peanuts which prevents the lovely bath bomb from crumbling or cracking during shipping. The bath bomb I purchased was the Lavender bomb! It smelled so good! It was not too much or too potent! It was perfection! It fizzled really nicely and the water turned a lovely pink color and the coloring did not stained my bathtub. The product was very silky and it felt really nice to relax with the lavender smell! It doesn't make a bubble bath though, but I was ok with it! As of the ring, I loved mine! For being a $10 ring, it was pretty nice in my opinion. It was a blue oval stone with a halo around it! I didn't win the more expensive ring, bummer, but all in all, I was so pleased and impressed with them. The only thing I would love for them to improve is their website, or at least the mobile website. It was a bit "buggy" so I had to register like 5 times in order to actually take it and still I could not use their 5% first buy discount. I don't know if it is because they are slightly new and the website needs some tweaking... but other than that, I will certainly purchase more bath bombs! I loved them!!!!!!! Definitely check them out! 

Here are some pictures of my first Pearl Bath Bomb experience! 
Unwrapped Pearl Bath Bomb

Bath bomb getting naked! hahaha


This is the lovely ring I got!!! Loving it!


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