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When I found out I was pregnant I was so excited to start planning and buying things for my baby. I didn't have too many friends that had babies, but I had a handful that did. Although they were very helpful on pointing out a bunch of things I needed, I feel like I missed a bunch of things that I didn't get that looking back on it now, would have saved me a lot of work, pain or valuable and needed zzzz's.

Here I have gathered a list of the 5 things I wish I had gotten for when my son was born:

Co-Sleeper (Arms Reach Mini Arc Co Sleeper)
Photo Credit: Arms Reach Website

When we found out we were expecting a very good friend of mine lend us a bassinet to use for our son. He ended up being a very light sleeper and it was kind of hard to put him down in the bassinet without waking him up. With a co sleeper I would have been able to just slide him there and it would have been so much easier to nurse him while laying down. This is the one I liked the best and if we have another baby it will be the one I will purchase

Room thermometer (The Gro Company Gro-Egg Room Thermometer)
Photo Credit Bing Images
This would have saved us so much pain and it would have helped us to sleep so much more. We had a summer baby, so we had our A/C on when we brought him home. Some nights he would sleep well and some nights he would wake up every 30 minutes. There was no visible pattern to his wakings. At 4 months we moved our son to his own bedroom and our son started sleeping through the night. Sometimes he would wake up at 4 am to nurse but it was heaven. We went to Puerto Rico to visit my family and he kept sleeping wonderfully. After we came back home it all went to hell. He started waking up every 2 hours and sometimes every hour. We were so sleep deprived it was terrible. Then my husband bought this room thermometer. By then it was winter and we had our heater on. He bought the thermometer because our house would get really cold on the first floor but it would be a totally different temperature on the third floor where our son slept. So we started monitoring the temperature and noticed that every time the heater would kick in, he would wake up. That's when it all made sense. Our son loved to sleep in a very, VERY cold room. He slept through the night when it was between 65-67 degrees. I wish we had this from the beginning. We would have slept a whole lot more!

Changing Table (Badger Basket Modern Changing Table)
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Our house has 3 stories. The first floor is our living area, second floor is our master suite and the third floor is the rest of the bedrooms and bathrooms. The first couple of months we had our son on the "living room" of our master suite. It was handy to have him there, since we didn't want to go up and down the stairs. I refused to buy a changing table in the beginning because I thought I didn't need it. A friend of mine told me that she never used hers and that it was a waste of money, so I listened to her. I regretted not having one and ended up buying one a week after my son was born. They are absolutely necessary. It is nice to not have to bend on the floor or put your baby with a poopy diaper on your bed, WHERE YOU SLEEP. I wish we would have bought three though, one for every floor on our house. This is the changing table we bought and I love it!

Nose Frida
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Ok, lets be honest. The concept of this product is gross as hell! I didn't even put it on my registry, even though it was recommended by every single mom I knew. At my baby shower, a very experienced mom gave it to me and said to trust her when she said it was the best nasal aspirator out there. For months I didn't want to use it... it was so gross in my opinion, but after struggling with a bulb aspirator with my son for months (his nose is always runny) I decided to give it a try! Oh my gosh, what a game changer! This is the best product out there, hands down!

Crib Soother (Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother)

When we transitioned our baby to his crib he would cry and cry all night. As a parent, you do not want to see your child cry. We had to do the Cry It Out method, which is very heartbreaking. We tried every other way to get our son to sleep and nothing worked. So, we decided to give it a try. I know that the "CIO" method is very controversial and I understand it is not for everyone, but for us, we were at the end of our rope. Anyways, our son cried so much the first night, we did some research on how to soothe him and stumbled across an article that mentioned this, so we immediately bought it. It helped so much! Our son still cried a bit but it was so much less. He would focus on the soother and drift to sleep pretty quickly. We took this with us to Puerto Rico to visit my parents and it worked like a charm. I wish I would have bought it earlier.

If we decide to have another baby these are a few of the things that really made a difference with us. There are a whole lot of things you should have handy, but I feel nobody talked about these, when in my opinion they should!

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