Sunday, April 2, 2017


Long time no bloggie! I know I have been MIA for a really long time. Last time I blogged it was in December!!! So, first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR (4 months later!).

What a crazy year 2017 has been! Life has been a roller coaster these past couple of months. I have been focusing all my energy in preparing my beauty room and makeup studio. Working on many reviews for this new year and most importantly, preparing my YouTube Channel. I have already started filming and testing my camera equipment, lighting, background and audio. Hopefully the channel will be up and running in the next couple of weeks. I will definitely keep you guys updated with what I am doing and when will I go live on YT. Thank you for your patience and support! :) 

Anyways, that's it for now. Starting this week you will see more blog posts from me. I am not ready to commit to a settled schedule of posts like I was last year, but I promise I will post more regularly! 

Until next time, stay fabulous! 

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