Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Product Review

I recently was gifted two products from bhcosmetics. A really good friend of mine gave them to me for my birthday. Last Monday I reviewed the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Eye and Cheek Palette. If you are interested in that review click here

So today I will be reviewing the Sculpt and Blend Brush Set. I had never used bhcosmetics brushes before and I loved these. They feel high end! They are incredibly soft and there is no shedding whatsoever. The brushes are synthetic duo fibers with a black and gold finish. I had no complaints at all with them. I have to say, I have other brushes that are more expensive and do not feel nearly as soft as these and apply makeup as good as these. I've had them for about three weeks and I've used them every single day. I have a lot of brushes and these are starting to be my faves. 

I definitely recommend this set for someone who is starting with makeup, since it has pretty much every brush you will need. They are excellent quality and they are pretty affordable. Not to mention, what a great gift they are. 

From top to bottom: Flat top buffing brush (123), tapered face blending brush (124), tapered contour brush (125), precision blush brush (126) and angled face shader brush (127).

These are the ones I used the most. The flat top buffing brush (123), I use to apply my foundation, as it is perfect to give an airbrushed effect. It is very dense and I love that there was no shedding at all. I use the tapered face blending brush (124), to do my contour. I personally do not like very sharp contouring for my every day makeup, so I feel like this brush gives me the opportunity to lightly contour without overdoing it and looking to harsh. The tapered contour brush (125), I use to set my under eye concealer. It is the perfect shape to do this and picks up lots of product without making me look "caked". The precision blush brush (126), I use to do my cheek highlighter as it is the perfect size for my cheekbones. Lastly the angled face shader brush (127), I use to do the contouring around my nose or to do some "baking" on my cheeks if I do want a sharper contour. I know that I am not technically using these brushed for their intended purpose, but YOLO! They work for me.
From the top to the bottom: Small deluxe blending brush (128), small round blending brush (129), large shader brush (130), nose contour brush (131) and precision detailer brush (132).
 The small deluxe blending brush (128) I use to blend my concealer in place. It is perfect for the under eye area and dense enough that it gives an airbrush effect. The small round blending brush (129) I use exactly as it's intended purpose, to blend out eye shadows. Very nice and fluffy brush with no shedding. The large shader brush (130) I use to apply concealer and also to pack on eye shadows if I will be doing a one eye shadow look. If you want a more precise application this brush will not help that much. To be honest the nose contour brush (131) I have not used at all and I really do not see myself using it since I do my contouring with the angled face shader brush (127). Finally the precision detailer brush (132) I use to do winged eyeliner using eye shadows and to apply highlight on my inner corner.

I hope this review was useful. Until next time, stay gorgeous!

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